Pastel Presentations - Art & Music with Black light effects!
Dee Ruckert - retired elementary art teacher and pysanky artist (decorated eggs), as well as a pastel artist. 
Here is a short list of my currently available presentations, along with some suggestions for their use. 
I will be happy to tailor the performance to your specific event, or to create a picture to suit your music.
Patriotic theme: Memorial day, 4th of July,
Labor Day, Veteran's Day
Nativity theme: Christmas, Advent
Easter theme: Resurrection, Eucharist, Good Friday
Mardi Gras: Explains liturgical meaning of this festivity
Spring time: Mother's day, Valentine's day, Seasons of life, Romance
Pathway over Stream: Journey of life, Follow your Dreams,
Walking with God
Legacy of Love: Mother's day, family themes (audience invited to add to the drawing)
Lighthouse/Ocean theme: Vacation, Historical, Discipleship, 
L'il Dan the Drummer Boy: Civil War story, history, educational assemblies
Thanksgiving: Cornucopia, stained glass window, Eucharist
Winter theme: Nostalgic secular holiday scene
Happy Trails to You!: Inspired by western landscapes, cowboy music to sing-along
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Please do not text! Leave a voice mail if I don't answer.
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